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KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS? Bacon Bros.Drug Lords,Registered Offenders in Stratas.

REGISTERED OFFENDERS IN CONDOS: Terra Nova maintained a large strata complex in Port Moody. (one of many) Unknown to most people, the leader of the BACON BROTHERS GANG owned a unit. I watched Undercover Police comb and guard this 95 unit luxury property. We were spied on continually. Every time the Bacon Brother left the complex in his chauffeur driven BMW, a police car shadowed him. Mr. Bacon was Murdered soon after in Kelowna.
No one in the strata, including this contractor, was allowed to know who he was or that there was a potential life threatening danger from this new resident.

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CONTRACT TALK with Terra Nova Landscaping Services Ltd. Of British Columbia. Continue reading

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Grass Cutter Blues Still cutting your own lawn? You could be pushing that old mower between 25 and 40 times a year. That’s like devoting an entire work week every year to being a slave to your lawn. Come spring, … Continue reading

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