NOTICE TO RESIDENTS see below. Note:spam,unsolicited e-mails,attachments will be deleted unopened.

Company Policies and contract info: One council member is appointed landscape liason
We love dogs but may decide not to work in your yard if you won’t Clean up- Dog Waste by 8am on service days.
The same rule applies to keeping common areas, lawns and gardens free of obstructions, hoses, furniture, toys etc by 8am.
Terra Nova Landscaping and our employees reserve the right to exclude problem areas. Without reduction in fees.
- Residents are not to undertake any landscaping, gardening, pruning etc. or lawn care tasks or fertilizing, contracted to Terra Nova Landscaping.
- Private Yard Waste and/or residential refuse removal is not included in the scope of this contract.
- Non strata plants (ie: planters on balconies) and private lawns and patios are the responsibility of the owners.
- Modifications and/or damages to landscape by any: one, thing, company or Act of God, creating a greater workload or cost to TNL above agreed to in our contract, will be included as “ extra billing” to the contractee.
- Before undertaking any projects effecting the landscape. Clients, Strata Councils, residents, other contractors etc. shall consult with this independent landscape contractor
- Messes, damage, obstructions created by others, including other contractors, shall be cleaned up properly by them or we may include clean-up in extra billing to the contractee.We work hard and fast. under tight time constraints and a budget while landscaping your property.
-Stopping crews + equipment, then removing safety gear to talk or answer a question is inefficient and costs us.
-Also, please respect our employees right to privacy. Do Not Post pictures of them on social media.

- Your property manager will be notified of extra-ordinary problems. Thank-you for helping Terra Nova Landscaping Services keep on budget and do a better job.
work records are documented for every client property. Tools kept clean, sharp, and sterilized. Better equipped landscape trucks and trailers.
WorkSafeBC rules, professional Codes of Ethics followed at all times. Although we maintain many smaller landscapes, our average site size is 3.5 acres/1 hectare.

NOTICE: BY 8 AM ON REGULAR SERVICE DAYS, all RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO REMOVE: DOG WASTE, Furniture, Hoses, Toys, pools, planters etc. and other obstructions from lawns, gardens, and common areas.
Sorry, but Terra Nova employees cannot REMOVE the above items. Problem areas will be avoided and reported. Landscape Contractor is not responsible for remediation or damage to items left in our service areas.
Questions: Contact your Property Manager. Or, safely approach our on-site supervisor. Thanks.,,,,
Please contact us directly on our secure company website and e-mail
Communication via social media and other advertising sites is not recommended.

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