Wind Storm Damage-Stanley Park

As I sit listening to the wind howl and Hemlock trees slap against my cabin, it reminds me of the big wind storm that devastated parts of Vancouver 13 years ago. Stanley Park sadly lost hundreds of trees. Terra Nova Landscaping had three adjoining five acre sites in Port Moody. The unrelenting wild wind raced up the harbor reaching the box canyon at Port Moody with explosive power. NW7 took the worst of it as the ferocious storm spun around in an angry eddy. Trees blew apart, mature hedges flew away. It seriously looked like a bomb had been dropped. Part of the problem was that we’d had a wet summer. Which created instability in the soil structure. When the storm blew through the tree roots couldn’t hold on. They twisted like a knuckle in the mud. Changing the landscape forever. note:strata plan Nw 2, Nw3, Nw7 and nw 1 nearby, were the first strata corporations in BC. They were designed by Arthur Erickson. Who also designed Simon Fraser University and the Robson Street Courthouse, in Vancouver.,,,,
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