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When I incorporated this company in the last century, we didn’t have the internet to use. No-one had websites, blogs or fb. We advertised in yellow page’s books and local newspapers and had a decent return on investment. Business was conducted on land lines and answering machines. Which we could call remotely for message retrieval. Finally buying a pager and running to a pay phone to return inquiries was considered a major technological advancement. …. It never occured to us at the time that the registered company name would be too long or challenging to remember..Terra Nova Landscaping Services Limited….see, that’s a lot to recall later when you want to look us up on the internet. We still use that name legally and as our main website address… To make our client’s life easier we bought the domains ” Kamloops ” and ” Kamloops Strata “: :…..easy to remember…..All our domains lead you to our main site and company blog. Which is overflowing with information for Condo owners,Strata Councils, Home owners, Property Managers and every-one else. …. Lately a company from Alberta has been illegally using the Terra Nova Landscaping name in Kelowna. Causing me many head-aches…Wanting to up our on-line game, I was able to purchase a google website and a shorter dot com domain from them. We are the Real BC company..check us out on facebook : “Kamloops Lawns”, ” Kamloops Strata Care ” and our main fb page is Terra Nova Landscaping Services. Oh, and that new google domain is . Drop by some time.,,,,
Please contact us directly on our secure company website and e-mail
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