Vancouver banned blowers in the West End and enacted a bylaw prohibiting blower noise above 65 dB in the rest of the city. I was on a BCLNA* committee working on a resolution with the city, that would cut down on the noise. While allowing landscapers to perform their duty in a quick, feasible, responsible manner. My arguments being: employees would suffer increased repetitive motion injuries from continually raking. The cost of service would increase due to loss of work time from injuries and increased human resource requirements to perform the routine tasks. Blowers make the lawns and gardens look tidier. Which helps increase clients property value. Rakes may damage plants and that attracts unwanted pests and diseases to lawns and gardens….One of the West End residents argued that ” he lived on the 12th floor and couldn’t hear to talk on his phone. ” I found his statement “fantastic and unproven” But, residents got their way in the end………We got out of servicing the West End of Vancouver after this. Finding a parking spot for a service truck was a major challenge. It was impossible to ever bring a landscape trailer into that end of town. Note: www.TerraNovaLandscaping.BC, we have low noise options for our maintenance properties. *BCLNA is British Columbia Landscape, Nursery Association.,,,,
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