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We were issued a “violation” by facebook police. For “allegedly” posting fake news. Tell all your friends…..they don’t say or show which article is a violation. But reference that It contained a discussion about flu vaccines that suggested taking vitamin D to help prevent the flu. So I am presuming it was a post from the anti-smart meter, anti 5G page I follow, from the states. If I post what they deem to be “fake news” again, my fb business page will be taken down by them. Personally I’m getting very tired with the heavy handedness. We aren’t allowed an opinion? fb is mass mind control. 1984.

I maintain a few pages on facebook for business. Great information there. Well presented posts, lots of pretty pictures. They all tie into our main website and contain keywords relevant to the company, domain names and regions we are attempting to build up our client base. All but one contains strictly business posts and company information…. The business page in question is one that we post cartoons and articles on. It’s our “Fun Page” People are invited to visit “Our Fun Page” and our “Blog” on all of our facebook business pages. We have a nice small following (Kamloops lawn garden commercial strata Terra Nova Landscaping) It was started as a test page to see which key words attracted viewers.

Overall, facebook attempts to violate charter rights by requiring copies of personal and proprietary business information to authenticate business pages. They want tax returns, phone and hydro bills, incorporation documents etc. I told them no.

They have become very heavy handed and demanding of more and more information over the past few months.

You’ll also notice that their claim “Facebook is FREE and always will be” has been quietly removed from their log in pages.

We used to advertise heavily with paid facebook ads, to no avail. Following all of their tutorials and suggestions.
No potential client contact on facebook. We keep records and statistics of all advertising done.

Few responses from google ads and other sites. Mostly looky loo and competitors clicking.

I’ve also done regular cross promotions to and from facebook that tie in with other advertising sites.
Facebook advertising has not worked for us and I won’t give them any more money.
Cross promo done with: google, yelp, yellow pages, LinkedIn, Craig’s list, Kajiji, landscape industry sites, government sites, CHOA, BCLNA, CNLA, ISA and dozens of other local and international advertising platforms.

Every-one has their hand out. Advertising is crazy expensive with a very low return on investment lately.

Finally, facebook has taken away untold consulting revenue. People now ask for some-thing or how to do some-thing and some-one quickly gives the information away for free. I paid for my education and knowledge. I actually see a lot of false/wrong information being given regularly on facebook. Yet, these posts are not flagged by the facebook police as fake.

Only posts that may get people thinking about things, contrary to the financial goals of fb and its partners???
Smart meters and 5G are not good for our health or privacy. oops, I hope I’m not in violation again.

Please contact us directly on our secure company website and e-mail
Communication via social media and other advertising sites is not recommended.

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