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Advertising sites and social media can be a problem. Yelp for example….they don’t respond to requests to correct page information. Yelp….some-one reported us out of business and I suspect it was competition. If you land on that page it incorrectly shows us out of business, top of page. If you scroll through the information, it also says “at this location” Yelp gives the wrong impression. Clients can only speak to us through the yelp site. We have no access to real e-mails. Some-times I believe the responses and requests are bogus, sent by yelp salespeople….. Yelp controls and hides all your information from us, except for your first name. Beware…. I had to start two other business pages to replace the closed one. Terra Nova Landscaping. Another for Kamloops Strata Care. Which for some reason says we’re in Kelowna. Can’t edit this. I suspect they want money for advertising before they will respond accordingly to change requests?
Yelp…FINALLY some-one claiming to be a yelp rep called on the phone. No call display and it was an U.S. English speaking person in a noisy call center. So I took a chance and spoke to them. Normally we don’t answer out of province phone calls.
I swear to God this guy was high on cocaine. He would not shut up. Kept repeating himself. Talked right over top of me. Wouldn’t answer questions. Made NO sense. Just kept on talking in circles real fast….wouldn’t fix errors on my pages. Couldn’t help at all.
Then he wanted to “confirm” my e-mail address. Red flag. Nope. Then he started talking about my website. NOPE. “That’s proprietary information”. Not sure what to think of this phone call?
It was an insane couple of minutes. And I was really busy in the office to play games with this guy. If he really was from Yelp? Normally I would get rid of a Goof Phone solicitor. I was being polite, as I wanted him to fix the yelp pages. Nothing was accomplished. Like I said, this guy was high on cocaine or perhaps meth amphetamine (speed) Finally I said, “George, thanks for calling. You obviously can’t fix the problems on our yelp pages. Thanks for your time.” What a Goof…..ten seconds later he called back…argh. Click. Then another call from an East Indian Lady a few minutes later. Stop Wasting my time.
Yesterday google maps sent us an update notification for the address correction I made with them weeks ago…..Google decided to show our Port Coquitlam warehouse and address again, instead of Kamloops. lol. A glitch? Mercury Retrograde causing problems again? John Lennon used to hide during Mercury Retrograde. lol Yes I follow the moon cycles and other things. I’m a Journeyman Redseal horticulturist, arborist, landscape designer.
This morning I went onto Yelp, who will not correct or allow us to edit…..and our yelp address has been changed to the new google map address and picture of the old warehouse. lol
Facebook is being really greedy for more personal information and proprietary business documents. And they too want advertising money. Lots and lots of money. $$$$ All the time. Facebook time wastes so many hours every week. Not just social stuff with friends. Continually updating business pages. fb constantly requires resetting, answering their questions, input input money money money…… If you don’t have business pages on fb. you’ve no idea of the amount of time it takes to maintain each page. We have nearly 20. Using different regional search terms, services etc.
Yellow pages is not great like it used to be. I see they’ve allowed an un-registered company from Alberta to continue with a free placement ad in B.C. They come up as Terra Nova Landscaping BC. and show a telephone number that is not my companies. Yellow pages doesn’t respond to requests to correct this fallacy. YP used to require an advertiser to show proof of B.C. incorporation. Documentation. Signed contract etc. They too want lots of money for any proper advertising with pictures etc.
As with all of these on-line advertisers, the more you pay them for advertising every month the higher your ad will show up in their searches. So, a company like ours, trying to be frugal is relegated to the bottom of the list. Potential clients statistically will choose what-ever comes up first. “Ya, this must be a good company. They paid a fortune to get at the top of the list. Let’s call them instead of researching others”
Google, instagram, twitter, what-ever. Show me a better return on investment from advertising. I’m tired of dealing with the internet and these money hungry sites that people can’t seem to do without now a days.
BBB-great reference? Pay them money, get accredited and you’ll be treated differently. Fortunately our BBB Rating is A+.
Without having to pay them any money. Alberta company using our name shows up on BBB in BC. argh. By the way, the BBB doesn’t respond to our requests for changes either. lol.
Terra Nova Landscaping BC and myself, wish you Peace and Happiness. And hope you find our website and blog Helpful and informative.

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Please contact us directly on our secure company website and e-mail
Communication via social media and other advertising sites is not recommended.
Spam and unsolicited e-mails will be deleted unopened. Thank-you.

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