Corporal Bill Smith. Famous Tenor, sang on “Johnny Canuck’s Revue. BBC Radio. WW2. Glad I knew him.

Some-one on my high school’s alumni page was saying, “one of the original Double Mint twins taught at our Senior High.
I didn’t know her. But I did know the writer/producer of The Double Mint Gum commercial.
Bill Smith was one of my instructors at BCIT. Broadcasting and Business School. He taught “copywriting for t.v. and radio”.
This charming dark haired man actually produced dozens of t.v. commercials shown nationally and internationally during the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s that older readers will have certainly seen.
Remember the commercial with rows of Smarties marching? One of my favorites when I was a kid.
During the Second World War, Corporal Bill Smith was a famous tenor, singing on the popular BBC program “Johnny Canuck’s Revue ”
He showed me direct to disk acetates they recorded of the show. Incredible collector’s items.
Big Heavy records, that were thick like 78 rpm’s. And about two feet across. Glad I knew him.
(this is only a short excerpt of the commercial. Wrigley’s still uses the same idea with twins, decades later)
I’ve been a broadcaster, recording-touring musician and business owner. What’s next? I’m feeling bored. lol

Our hyperlink isn’t operating at the moment. But you can paste this link into your browser for the youtube commercial

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