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What an annoying place facebook is. Idiots with no experience arguing and stressing out the original poster (and me) on a “professional” landscape site.??? I don’t want to be a mentor there nor help for free any longer argh………any-how, I offered some direction and information meant to assist a younger member (or others in the future)……. Some-one cut down “the wrong tree”. Male home-owner had started the removal. Called them over and asked them to finish it. (there was no written contract/change work order. All verbal) His wife said later that was the wrong tree. Husband isn’t talking. This is a, ” he said, she said ” dilemma…..Wife wants up to 17 grand for the loss, against the value of their home. She’s isn’t too far off base. I gave some insight into what’s required as I’ve prepared reports on this before. I was certified as a “plant appraiser” through the isa-international society of arboriculturists. So I explained very basically about the stump measurements, detailed calculations and that a licensed real estate agent is needed to access median price information on homes in the area etc. Then the flaming started…So now according to some of the Big Minds out there, I’m totally wrong on everything I was trained by the isa to do in this type of situation… I also suggested carrying some blank paper and writing up and signing a quick contract for service/change work order if this ever happens again. But apparently I’m stupid to suggest that. haha I feel that I’ve been disrespected and lost credibility in this “professional landscaper ” group. ” A handshake isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. ” I’ve prepared a few hundred arborist reports over the years. It’s rare that a plant appraisal is required. But I have prepared them for legal cases,,,,, So now, all of the factual information and experience I mentored in the group, hoping to help some-one (now or in the future) is being questioned and corrected by pseudo intellectuals. “Any-body with a pick-up truck and lawn mower can call themselves a landscaper.” lol.

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