No Social Media for us.…BBB A+ rating.

Terra Nova Landscaping BC decided long ago to stop using social media. Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites have not been updated in a very very long time. The return on investment was poor. Clients should contact us through our website.
Thank-you. No Sales Calls or e- mail spam. (it’s deleted unread)
Sorry for the removal of the phone numbers. Company Information is mined and exploited continually. Very frustrating.

Terra Nova Landscaping has maintained a BBB A Plus rating for over 25 years.

Yelp is garbage. Their ” TOP TEN ” lists of local landscapers are ” Paid ” spots. (see my rant about them in this blog)
Yelp is difficult to deal with. It’s impossible to update information or fix problems on company pages.
Yet, it’s Too easy for fraudulent reviews to be posted.
Terra Nova Landscaping no longer uses yelp, but remains on their site.

Real CUSTOMER REVIEWS for Terra Nova Landscaping of BC can be found on fb and our website.

Update: it appears that the gonzo company from Alberta using our company name in the Kelowna area has stopped
doing so. They were reported to the BC Government and local bylaw enforcement.

We still have inactive fb pages for Kamloops and Kelowna (and lower mainland) that you can view. Be sure that it is us and not a gonzo name stealer you are dealing with.


August 15, 2021

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