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CLIENT ASSISTANCE: please ensure your strata property number, telephone number and other contact information is included in your e-mail.

Maintenance, Design, Installation, Estimates and Contracts Wanted. Condo, Commercial, Strata Council Clients.
We’re looking for a long term relationship with your property. Annual Season long contracts. Site specific services and requirements.

See: “contract page” and “company policies” page for detailed information on invoicing, standard billing and late payment terms.

Regarding Design Work.
A Friendly Note: Just so you understand the laws in B.C. and the Design Process. Design work payments differ from other landscape work, pursuant to the Builder’s Lien Act of B.C.
As such, your first hour of consultation is $70.00 (or portion thereof) plus tax, payable at the time of the consultation
If we proceed, your design will be drafted or rendered and may take up to two weeks to finish.
A deposit of 50% of the design fee is required before we will proceed with the creation.
Payment balance for the design is due in full, prior to handing over the blueprints. Persuant to the Builder’s Lien Act.
Installation and maintenance fees would be billed as a different contract.
Thank-you for your understanding of the laws of B.C.

Consulting, including attending non-contracted meetings with strata councils may be billed at our hourly over-time rate.

Arborist Reports, Technical Reports are paid for prior to being given to the client, or submitted to government agencies
(if applicable)

Important: By 8am on service day, all residents are required to have obstruction free yards and common areas.
DOG WASTE MUST be cleaned up by 8am, along with hoses, furniture, toys, garbage, obstructions.
We reserve the right to bypass areas that pose an obstruction, health or safety issue. Not responsible for damaged items left in our service areas.

See our Company Policies for more information.

Thank-you for your interest in,

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